Sometimes you just HAVE to snigger!

20 Mar

Not one of my usual long winded rambling rants you will be pleased to know!

I just read a report about the ultra right-wing political party the BNP (British National Party). It seems that the latest target for these guys is the large number of Polish workers currently in the UK and who show no signs of leaving in the current economic downturn.

Well, who can blame them! One thing the UK can still do better than the rest of Europe is the payment of excessive Benefits to people who haven’t contributed anything through taxes! Of course if you HAVE contributed and suddenly fall on hard times and need to claim………. but I’m doing the BNPs work for them!

Anyway the BNP wants the Poles to go home and has produced a pamphlet entitled “The Battle for Britain 2009”. To appeal to patriots they have illustrated it with a dramatic action picture ……..a Supermarine Spitfire (I think, he added geekily, it’s a Mark I), up there in the sky defending the country.

Now someone even geekier than me has looked at this picture and looked up the squadron markings on it.

Would you believe it belonged to Number 303 POLISH squadron Royal Air Force?!! Battle OF Britain (1940) heroes!

I’ll bet there are people in the BNP now who are wondering why they bother to get up some mornings!


PS Just looked at the date on the report I read – 4th March! Well, I never said I was up to date did I?

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