Happy New Year?

05 Apr

Today is 5th April – the last day of the UK 2008/09 Tax Year.

For over twenty years I used to work as a Tax Advisor for a major UK bank, filling in Tax Returns for those too befuddled, rich, stupid or any combination thereof and I HATED this day! Whether or not you had finished your cases, tomorrow IT ALL BEGAN AGAIN with your stats reset to zero!!!

Twelve years ago I decided to salvage what was left of my sanity and commenced a gradual change over to the deadline-free I.T. job I have been doing for the last nine years now.

So I can now cheerfully say to all UK taxpayers:

“Happy New Year!”

Oh, and my deepest commiserations to any former Barclays Bank Tax Department employees who still have to do the bloody horrible job I used to have!


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