05 May

Just recently, my Mother, my Sister and I were making plans to limit Mum’s exposure to the UK Government’s iniquitous Inheritance Tax (concerning which I will soon be launching a vigorous attack on this page – along with many other UK taxes that they impose on us without asking!)

After we had sorted out the strategy for the coming few years I was able to spend some time thinking.

With the earlier discussions in the back of my mind I became all philosophical and wrote down the following:

Wisdom, like wealth, can be acquired and with care made to accumulate.

As with wealth, some manage to gather in a lot of Wisdom while others do not manage to find any!

Unlike wealth, however, you cannot give Wisdom away to your children, or even complete strangers! They do not want to know and have to be left to collect their own.

On the positive side, the Government (any form of Government, at any level!) does not recognise that anyone but itself CAN have Wisdom – so they do not make any effort to tax it!

All of which is basically another way of stating the old adage that people have to be left to make their own mistakes.

I just prefer my own way of saying it!


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