11 May

Looking at my last post I now realise I don´t have Writer´s Block after all!

I bet you´re relieved!

What I´m actually suffering from is an acute tightening of the wallet. As the Yanks would say I´m being a “tightwad”.

Actually the reason for this is that I´m not in the UK at the moment and my Internet access comes from the “internet cafe” of a Majorcan Hotel.

They charge one whole Euro for ten minutes access and there´s no getting around it because it runs from a coin operated meter and when your money runs out “pop”, there goes your connection!

This wouldn´t be so bad but for the fact that when I use it the bloody thing reboots and takes four of my minutes before I can do anything!

SO, everything I write on this holiday will be on paper only until I get back home.

Then I can tell you exciting tales about my growing collection of bar bills and the suntan I´ll have from not being at a computer all day!


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