Back to work

21 May

Those of you getting fed up with seeing the word “Majorca” cropping up in these articles can rest easy!

The last four postings before this, while inspired in one way or another by my recent holiday, were in fact written after I returned from the aforementioned Mediterranean island. Why? Read the post entitled “Unblocked” and DO try to keep up!

Basically, with one small exception I have now made articles out of all the notes I made in my little blue book during that happy, sun soaked (except Thursday when the rain fairly pissed down!) week.

I have for four days now been back at work where I find that the only way I was missed was that my Manager didn’t have anyone to talk to when he felt himself “nodding off” and so caught up quite considerably on his sleep deficit! It’s nice to know you have a purpose in life, isn’t it?!

Yesterday some excitement was brought into our lives when pay-day arrived and we found, with great relief all round that the Company HAD indeed managed to pay us this month! I know this doesn’t sound like the sort of thing that should come as a surprise to us but there are all sorts of things happening behind the scenes that the Managing Director doesn’t think we have a right to know about at the moment, and whether or not we are going to get paid is, unfortunately, one of them!

As a Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy character, Vroomfondel by name, once exclaimed “We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty”!

He wouldn’t have to demand them if he worked here!

Anyway, normality (whatever THAT is) returns and I will be dipping back into my growing list of non holiday-based subjects henceforth.

What’s that? The “one small exception”? Oh yes, the one remaining note in my book that however I hard I try I can’t get an article idea out of!

You are very welcome to try if you wish. The words concerned are these:

“Are we above the clouds, or has someone airbrushed out France?”

I’ll leave you to it then.


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