12 Jun

This week I rather immodestly referred my sea fishing friends to this site (be patient Guys – your turn to star in one of these articles IS coming!) and so far the only comment received has, thankfully, had nothing to do with the content.

It concerned the layout and the fact that I have all 40-something articles on display, making my suggestion that new readers start at the bottom a little tedious.

I tried to get around this by putting in an archive application but the template in use (you didn’t think I was PROGRAMMING this did you?) put THAT at the bottom too!

So I have gone back to the WordPress site to choose a new pattern that I hope will be slightly more readable.

I’m looking for something easy on the eye and with plainly visible links to Monthly Archives and my “Blogroll” (lovely name – wish I’d thought of it!) showing the list of other sites I find amusing.

When I find it I will cut the number of articles in view down to 15 which should leave about one month’s worth of stuff visible at my current rate of output and will, I hope, make the whole thing more readable.

I have about five possible templates that I quite like at the moment so if you’ve been here before and it suddenly looks different – don’t worry it’s just me playing about!

Oh, and as I don’t know how “instant” any changes I make are, my apologies if it alters while you are reading it!

I will try each of my “possibles” for at least a week – more if I like it AND no-one complains.

Feedback from you is always welcome – you are my “customers” after all.

As I am sure some philosopher has said before, “If a man writes a Blog on the Internet and nobody reads it – does it really exist?”

The above quote is, of course, a variation on the classic philosophical question, “If a married man expresses an opinion and his wife isn’t there to hear it, is he still wrong?” Or that thing about trees in a forest!


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