Out of Office Announcement

19 Jun

I’m not altogether sure why I’m bothering with this as the statistics kindly provided for me by WordPress show that on average exactly TWO people per day accessed this page this week!

I don’t know if that means I have to do better or YOU have to do better but I THINK it’s the latter because if YOU don’t look you won’t know if what I’ve written is even vaguely amusing, now will you?

Anyway, Little Alfie will be on holiday for the next two weeks!

I am not going away but the opportunities for writing stuff while driving the family hither and yon are not as good as when I’m sitting in an office where not very much is happening at the moment. I will be taking my notebook and pencil with me for ideas to write about and there MAY be the occasional short piece appearing during that period.

I thought I’d just explain that so that if anybody does bother to have a look they won’t think I’ve given up through lack of interest!

I’ve just had a horrible thought! At least two of the 14 “hits” my site has had this week are down to me showing it to friends on my Mobile ‘phone!

And THAT probably makes me my own best customer!

Laterz (as these young people apparently say),


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