Apologies for absence

30 Aug

I see that it has been over three weeks since I posted anything here – doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?

May be it does, I couldn’t comment on that at the moment because I’m NOT having fun!

After my 7th August post things suddenly got a bit busy at work – almost back to how they had been before the Administrators came in to “run” the Company on 10th July!

Incidentally, have you ever noticed how similar the words “run” and “ruin” are? The staff at MBM have!

And then out of the blue on Wednesday 12th August the accountants FINALLY found out where the IT Office was, paid me a visit and informed me that as of Friday 14th I was redundant! No “thank you” just “don’t come back next Monday”!

As they had put us all on weekly pay from their arrival, I was told the company didn’t owe me anything after that week’s pay had been credited to my account and that I would have to claim from the Government for anything else.

“Anything else” is 4 ½ weeks pay for Statutory Redundancy, 1 ½ weeks pay for unused holiday and 3 weeks pay in lieu of notice and God only knows how long it will take a Government Department to pay that lot over!

The remaining two and bit weeks have been spent struggling with the forms for the above mentioned compensation, jumping through the Job Centre’s ludicrous hoops and trying, by my own efforts, to find a job!
Now I’ve got all that down to a daily routine I’m at last getting back to writing stuff and hopefully some of it will be a bit less miserable than I’ve been of late.

Watch this space.


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