Sometimes you just HAVE to snigger (part 2)

18 Sep

Way back in the dim and distant past (March 20 2009!) I wrote a little piece expressing the wholesome enjoyment I got out of the discomfiture of some politicians.

In case you haven’t been through the archives of this site yet, I will just remind you that this concerned a campaign by the BNP (British National Party) to repatriate Polish workers. Their campaign brochure was illustrated with a Spitfire fighter (the archetypal symbol of British defiance) which unfortunately for them turned out to have belonged to a distinguished Polish Battle of Britain Squadron!

It could be said that they not only shot themselves in the collective party foot but that they shot themselves in that foot with eight wing mounted .303 Browning machine guns harmonised to converge at two hundred yards!

I had a damned good laugh about THAT and now there’s another one!

Baroness Scotland, the UK Attorney General – the most senior law officer in the country – is being investigated by the Home Office after admitting that she employed an illegal immigrant as housekeeper.

She could well be charged under the Asylum, Immigration & Nationality Act 2006 and if found guilty, might face a £10,000 fine.

Her excuse, that she took the Tongan woman on “in good faith”, will cut no ice because:

A) She is a member of the Government and there surely cannot be ANYONE left in this country who believes ONE WORD that those slimy bastards say!

B) The above mentioned Act has a specific clause which states that even “unknowingly” employing someone who turns out to be an “Illegal” is no defence.

In the first few months since these penalties first came to be imposed in 2008 no less than 354 employers have been issued with liability notices – so if it achieves nothing else it’s another 3½ Million quid for the Government to waste!

Now the really good bit is that the prime mover in pushing through this piece of “guilty whatever the circumstances” legislation was the then Minister of State in charge of the criminal justice system at the Home Office.

See if you can guess who THAT was!!

YES! It was indeed Baroness Scotland, who seems to think that she is exempt from the legislation because she created it!

Not so. I hope the Home Office throws the book at her! And I hope it’s the hardback version!

Still, as a member of Gordon’s crooked army, if she does go down to the tune of 10 Big Ones I have no doubt she’ll find a way to claim it on expenses!

If you are getting the impression that I take some sort of unholy glee from politicians having the wheels come off, you are so RIGHT!


As my old hero Simon Templar would probably have put it:

“That’s how we smite the ungodly!”



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2 responses to “Sometimes you just HAVE to snigger (part 2)

  1. Mike

    October 23, 2009 at 2:55 pm

    …talking of which – whatever happened to them “Saint” books???!

  2. littlealfie

    October 23, 2009 at 10:38 pm

    They’re in a little parcel waiting for the day when I get more than £64.30 per week Jobseekers Allowance and can afford to post ’em. I COULD blame the current Post Office Union strike but that wouldn’t be fair! So “a.s.a.p” it has to be. Sorry.


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