11 Oct

The other day I dreamed up an idea for a new series of novels!

These involved the adventures of a man who is a Medical Examiner for large animals – a sort of Quincy for the farm animal kingdom.

He lives and works in Oxford for which reason I decided to call the series……….

Inspect a Horse!

I really DO apologise!


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One response to “Novel!

  1. Mike

    October 23, 2009 at 3:03 pm

    You always WERE a punny person! Just to let you know I’m still reading your stuff. I’ve been SERIOUSLY busy of late, with m’three YouTube channels. They’ve only been operating for about six weeks, but already I have 168 posts and 25,000 hits. Currently I’m getting over a 1,000 hits a day (and climbing) which makes the TWELVE hits a day I get from my 300 posts, book and short story (and m’IMDb crits) look a tad LAME! No-one damn well READS anymore…


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