Hero or heroin?

22 Oct

I don’t often watch TV in the morning – the presenters are usually either too bland and “sugary” or just too damn cheery for that time of day! I want to see someone who looks like I feel – sour and grumpy!

Besides, I’m usually far too busy checking a massive collection of websites and automated emails to try to find a job.

Today, however, my dear wife was not at work and she likes to have the telly on while she eats her breakfast – so I watched it too.

I happened to sit down in front of it just as they had reports on two current news headlines.

The first of these was a report that Afghanistan’s insurgency is funded by “drug money” and that the country still produces 92% of the world’s opium – used, of course, as the base for the hard drug heroin. The report was illustrated by much stock footage of fields full of the particular plant from which the opium is extracted.

The second item was about the launch of this year’s appeal, intended particularly to provide help for British soldiers injured in Afghanistan fighting the insurgents funded by the proceeds of selling the opium from the previous item.

This is, of course, the Royal British Legion’s POPPY appeal!

Am I the only person who sees something highly ironic there?


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One response to “Hero or heroin?

  1. Mike

    October 23, 2009 at 2:58 pm

    I wonder if the news-readers drink coffee in the morning – or Coca-cola (of course, Coke is long reformed now – but Back In The Day…)


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