I’m dreaming of a white blog page!

08 Dec

I’ve done a really silly thing!

You see, when you have these WordPress blog thingies you don’t normally (well I don’t anyway) type the entries straight into the “add new post” area on the dashboard – which is what they call the administrative area that you, the reader, don’t get to see.

What I do is create a Word document and when I’m happy that it is finished and spellchecked to my satisfaction I copy the text into the aforementioned administrative bit then, after tweaking it still further, I click on publish and away it goes!

Now in the dashboard area there sometimes appear announcements that the site manager s think will interest we bloggers and I noticed a particular one when putting up the previous posting.

“Ah! That’s nice!” I thought and duly went into my “appearance” settings as advised and ticked the necessary box in the “extras” menu.

My readers should from that point on have been experiencing a graphical representation of a gentle, festive fall of snow wafting down the page.


I forgot one thing!

The page that the nice, white snow is falling down is also WHITE!

I only noticed this when looking at the page from your viewpoint and thought that the monitor was playing up!

Now I have no intention of mucking about further with the settings to give them a nice dark background to highlight the snow and the snow will, anyway, be turned off at source on 4th January.

So, to summarise (actually “winterise” would be more apt but there’s no such word):

a) There’s nothing wrong with your screen – bits of the letters ARE being eclipsed from time to time.

b) I’m not going to do anything about it.

c) If you want to see the snow properly click on your left mouse button with the cursor on the text. Then highlight a big chunk of text in a rather fetching shade of blue against which the snow can be much more easily seen.

Actually I rather hope that virtual snow on my screen is the only version of that phenomenon I get to experience this year. It’s a real bugger having to drive to work in………… Oh! Hang on a minute I don’t have to do that at present! I KNEW there were advantages to being unemployed!

Perhaps this year I’ll be able to help my elder daughter make her snow Daleks on the lawn! I can’t think WHERE she gets it from!



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3 responses to “I’m dreaming of a white blog page!

  1. Mike

    December 8, 2009 at 8:36 pm

    I figured the snow was a festive add-on you’d gotten from somewhere – I NEVER thought it was a FAULT!

    I do my pieces straight onto WordPress’ “new post” facility (they have special characters and all sorts of goodies – plenty for me).

    I was never able to make Word WORK and recently JUNKED it – long story.

    It’s a pity the add-on isn’t WordPress’ – my DAMIEN would look really COOL with it!!!

    Oh, and when you and your daughter make a snow Dalek – does your good Lady have to hide the SINK-PLUNGER???

  2. littlealfie

    December 8, 2009 at 9:43 pm

    Actually it IS from WordPress. As stated I found it in the dashboard under “Appearance”, “Extras” and just check the box for snow.

    Yes, once a year my wife and I play “hide the sink plunger”! Err that didn’t come out quite how I meant it! Oh dear!


  3. littlealfie

    December 9, 2009 at 9:44 am

    On reading the posting again I see that the first few paragraphs ARE a little confusing!

    The stuff about the different possible ways to add content doesn’t really have any bearing on the “snow” issue – it was a combination of “padding” and info. for non-WordPress users.

    Similarly the “Silly thing” I did was nothing to do with posting – it was the “white on white” thing with the snow on my style of page that was silly!

    And,as stated in the previous comment, the snow effect IS supplied by WordPress and should be available by taking the actions I have stated.

    I’m glad I’ve cleared THAT up!



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