A Merry Christmas to All my Readers!

23 Dec

Ever since I discovered that I really wanted to write stuff and have other people read it I have ALWAYS wanted to type the title of this piece and now I’ve done it!

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not just that it’s Christmas because I have serious doubts about the origins of that particular story. There seems little doubt that even if the Messianic birth DID take place as reported then it certainly didn’t happen in December – that was just an opportunistic hi-jacking of the much older and (to my eyes, at least) more significant Winter Solstice celebrations that the ancient peoples faced by the rather crafty Monks charged with spreading Christianity were already celebrating.

Speaking of celebrating I do have a mental picture of the small stone cell in which the two monks who’ve been given the task of writing “The Rules for Priestly Behaviour” are toiling away in the early days of the new religion. The following exchange takes place:

Monk 1: Excuse me, Brother but how do you spell “celebrate”?

Monk 2: Let’s think. Ah, yes. C-E-L-I-B-A-T-E.

Which, it seems to me, is as good a way of explaining THAT particular piece of nonsense as anything else I’ve heard!

No, as I said above, it’s not particularly because it’s Christmas that I’ve always wanted to type this article’s title.

It’s because I now have READERS to wish a Merry Christmas TO!

As far as the “regulars” are concerned you are a small exclusive club comprising both of my daughters, two people I went to school with and one, maybe two, that I used to work with at Barclays Bank Trust Company in Peterborough. Plus a couple of the guys from my quiz team who I haven’t seen lately and who have probably lost their links to this site!

Unfortunately the “viewing figures” graph that I get to see doesn’t tell me WHO visited on any particular day so I have no way of knowing how many strangers are finding me and coming back for repeat visits.

So, thanks for YOUR contribution to my statistics, keep up the good work, and (if you’re not just reading this out of a misplaced sense of duty) spread the word to anyone else you think might like it.

I’m still hoping that someone will find this blog one day and take me on to write Company Intranet copy or a column on a small local newspaper on the strength of it. That would be fun.

And if you ARE a new reader, there are over 50,000 words of my musings to catch up on in the month by month archive pages. ENJOY.

Best wishes


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