Sorry I’m late!

12 Feb

When I posted the article entitled “Delay” on 4th December it had been two days short of a month since the previous item.

I’ve done a bit better this time in that it is still a whole week short of a month since the last one.

I feel that I owe you, my valued reader(s) a bit of an explanation as to why I am failing in my expectation of producing a smooth regular flow of (hopefully) amusing items for your enjoyment.

Basically, after the horrors of December which I have already chronicled for you, my sense of humour decided to take a holiday!

In January we not only had the funeral of my brother-in –law to go through but my lack of success in the jobs market really started to get me down for the first time since I was made redundant in August.

That month finished with me getting through 230 applicants to the 10 that were given a first interview by an agency and making it to the last four from whom the Company in question would choose two for the final interview. Everyone said “You did well!” but I didn’t get the bloody job and that was the only satisfactory outcome that would have pleased ME!

However, all that is behind me and I find I’m starting to see amusing situations again and to start writing regularly.

There are currently two “works in progress” which should be with you soon so with the approaching spring the green shoots of new literary gems will be brightening the garden of your light reading.

Oh dear! Did I REALLY write that last sentence?

The sense of humour MUST be back!


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