One year on.

03 Mar

Now that March is with us it occured to me that my first posting on this site was on 27th February 2009 and I thought (rather foolishly perhaps) that you might like to know some anniversary statistics.

These come from my own “wordage” spreadsheet and those oddments of a statistical nature kindly provided by WordPress.

Incidentally, I should stress that I’m only talking here about the “Little Alfie” postings and not my other efforts to be found under the names of “Gone Fishing” and “Terry Bostock” which those of you with too much time on your hands may have already gone into from the “Blogroll” down the righthand side of this page.

I am also not counting this piece which counts as the first effort of Year 2.

Looking first at my “production” figures I made a total of eighty four postings, an average of seven per month, the solitary articles in February and November being more than balanced by the elevens and twelves in April, May, June, July and December.

The total number of words that have assaulted your thought processes in the last year was 56719 which averages out at just over 675 per article, the largest being the two “School Master” pieces in December at 1615 and 1630 respectively while the shortest (ironically) was 13 on the subject of “writers block” while I was in Majorca last May!

That’s about all I can squeeze out of my side of the figures so now I’ll look at yours.

Altogether there have been 953 “views” of those 84 articles but I am unable to tell exactly what was viewed at those visits. Some of them, it must be said were probably me looking at the site using a computer at a different network address to my usual one – WordPress do not let me count my own visits for posting and editorial purposes!

Anyway, that all works out at a rather pathetic 2 ½ views per day and you really should try harder!

The best single day was December 8th 2009 with a spectacular 28 separate views and the top month was May with 154 – more than 50 ahead of its nearest rival.

All right! I agree. No more statistics – writing this is starting to send ME to sleep so I’m sure it’s doing the same to you!

Still, some of you might just be suffering from insomnia so I might be serving a useful purpose.



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2 responses to “One year on.

  1. Mike

    March 5, 2010 at 11:18 pm

    I have three blogs – been going for about 19 months – 100 posts plus each – around 20,000 hits each – total hits these days: about 20 a day (I’m too lazy to publicise ’em now – except on my YouTube channels) – plus the book and short story. But then again – I’m RETIRED!

    However, my YouTube channels net FOUR THOUSAND hits a day. Cause for celebration? Give UP my scribbling?

    NO! Despite the fact more people WRITE these days, than READ – I’m gonna bash ON. Reason? M’YouTube stuff is merely about PRESENTING the talents of OTHERS – while for better or worse (mostly worse, I suspect) my written ramblings (alliteration!) are ALL ME!

    We may be voices in the wilderness, my friend – but we SHALL BE HEARD (even if it IS only by a handful of like-minded souls).

    p.s. Since no-one else will probably READ this – WOT HAPPENED TO THEM SAINT BOOKS???!


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