Poolside jottings – Part 5 – Route 66 revisited!

07 Apr

Have you ever noticed how some, not all by any means, but SOME of my titles contain either actual song or album titles or something that sounds very like such a title? This is one of the latter – it is not dissimilar to Bob Dylan’s “Highway 61 Revisited”. Why not go back through the archives and see how many others you can spot.


As you may recall from part 3 of this series of articles (which, to annoy my readers, I will remind you AGAIN are being written in the hot sun as I lounge by the pool of the Barceló Santiago Hotel in Tenerife during the week 26th March to 2nd April 2010) I was rather impressed with the resident band at the music bar, Route 66 just across the road from the hotel.

The band in question ”Old Dogs – New Tricks” are , as I have already mentioned, a married couple, Bob & Jill and you can see them for yourselves at their website,

Having really enjoyed Monday’s outing we decided to go and see them again on Wednesday but Faith was suffering from an upset stomach and insisted that I went on my own. So I did!

Incidentally Faith’s upset tummy was very probably the result of one of those weird food combinations you inevitably wind up with at a continental hotel buffet and THAT can happen even when you KNOW what the dishes are.

Then there are those dishes you cannot identify! For example, it didn’t do me any harm and if I hadn’t liked the taste I wouldn’t have eaten it, BUT what do you make of a label on a tray of meat which reads “Goat Beef”?

It sounds rather like the curries they used to serve up at my local pub quiz – they were often vaguely described as “mixed meat” and no-one knew what THAT was either!

Meanwhile back at Route 66 I didn’t get offered any musical instruments to accompany the band with this time (they’d learned!)and just sat on a stool at the bar grooving away quietly! I DID, however, indulge in a spot of sat down head-banging with Juan the bar manager when Status Quo’s “Caroline” was played!

At 9pm when they were due to start there had only been four German heavy rock fans from Heidelberg and me in the place so I took the opportunity to tell Bob & Jill about the conversation I had overheard (see Part 3 of this series). They were not at all surprised but continued to be amazed that people still come to holiday resorts surprised that there will be entertainment that really HAS to happen with the doors open and that some of it will be a bit loud!

In case you are one of these people who,when on holiday abroad, expect to go to bed at 10pm in absolute silence I can only pass on the recommendation that you check out the area on the internet and, if in doubt, send the hotel an email asking them to try to ensure you get a quiet room.

Otherwise, to mangle another saying, “on your own ears be it”!

I should point out that, while I had never visited Tenerife before and had no idea of the volume levels involved, I WAS aware of the existence of Route 66 opposite the hotel by having taken a virtual tour of the whole area around the hotel using the strange and wonderful Google Street View.

I will certainly check out any future holiday venues the same way – after all I wouldn’t want to miss some good, loud music, now would I?


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One response to “Poolside jottings – Part 5 – Route 66 revisited!

  1. Mike

    April 8, 2010 at 3:05 pm

    “Get your kicks – on Route 66…”


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