Do I get a Telegram?

23 Apr

The clever little WordPress “stats” page that I (and only I) can use for this blog does not just tell me how many people have accessed the site on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It also tells me useless little facts such as how many times I have edited the articles, what “tags” I’ve put in to draw attention to me if anyone searches WordPress using those key words and, at an even more basic level, HOW MANY postings I have made in total.

That particular number caught my eye today and would you believe that from when I started inflicting myself on you at the end of February 2009 until the “Showground” posting a few days ago the grand total is NINETY NINE!

Now I know that none of you are thick – you read my stuff after all – so I’m sure that you will have deduced that THIS posting is number ONE HUNDRED!

Now there are several reasons why I feel just a bit proud of that.

Firstly, when I started I had about five or six things on my list that I wanted to write about and I feared that the whole project would dry up once I had done them.

I should say at this point that while I have found another ninety-odd things to cover that I hadn’t anticipated, that list still has over forty titles of potential articles that I never quite get around to dipping into. So as I said once before in a similar vein “I’m not going away any time soon!”

The second reason that I’m proud concerns comments I made last June in a posting entitled “Count your Blessings” in which I compared my own feeble out-pouring of Twenty thousand words with my late Father’s feat of dashing out Ninety-four thousand words covering his army experiences.

While I still stand in awe of THAT achievement, and always will, he WAS writing of a continuous three year period in which an awful lot of both good and bad stuff impressed itself very forcibly on his memory.

I, on the other hand, am picking isolated and unconnected incidents from about a fifty year period with comparatively little “life-or-death” excitement in it and trying to make those incidents amusing for my readers.

So from one point of view I actually have a harder job. And my total wordage has, during the course of this particular piece, gone over Sixty-nine thousand words so I’m now ONLY Twenty-five thousand words behind!

Finally, I’m both proud and delighted that some of my small readership still appears to want me to keep going. Particular thanks in that regard go to my good friend Mike T. over in swinging Ledbury for his “More, Little Alfie, more!” comment to the previous posting because it meant a lot to me.

I presume he meant it and I apologise for my efforts at replying in Welsh to him. I don’t think Internet instant translation sites are particularly brilliant so I don’t know if what came out was anywhere near what I meant which was “I will try to continue to entertain you”!

And that message is something that I pass on to all who read this column.

Here’s to the NEXT hundred!


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