02 May

This time last year I proclaimed (not altogether truthfully it must be said) that I was suffering from “Writer’s block”!

This year I don’t QUITE have the same difficulty but I am having some problems with a couple of my works-in-progress at the moment.

As I’ve probably mentioned before, my way of working is to start with an idea for the “punch line” of a piece then pick an appropriate starting point from which to sort of sidle up to it!

However, I have just recently started a couple of reasonably lengthy articles just on the strength of the basic subject matter – that is to say with no snappy ending planned in advance – and I’m having a devil of a job getting them to any sort of conclusion!

I steadfastly refuse to abandon the stories and have absolutely no wish to change or restart what I’ve done so far.

Neither do I wish to terminate the pieces using the sneaky device divulged to me recently by my friend Mike V in Thailand – which involves quite simply ending them with the word “Discuss” at the point where you run out of things to say!

So, while I attempt to work out how they would have ended had I done them using my tried and tested method there may, for a short while, be an interlude comprising somewhat shorter pieces than usual. I may even chuck in the odd joke or two if you’re lucky. Or not, if you’re luckier still!

Actually, while I’ve been writing THIS an appropriate ending to one of my problem pieces has occurred and THAT now forms “What’s in a name?” that was posted yesterday, 1st May so I have only one to wrestle with now.

Isn’t it good that I have YOU to share my problems with?

No, I didn’t think so!


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