A hard act to follow!

08 May

As far as I can deduce from the statistics available to me, my last posting “The Sequel” was the most popular that I have ever done.

I suspect that this is mainly due to my friend, writing as “Morpheus” posting a link to it and urging his much larger readership to give it a look. So thanks for that Mike V and in return I urge MY readership to have a look at the vast amount of material available from him.

You can find this by clicking on the links to “Cornelius”, “Damien” and “Morpheus” on my “Blogroll” to the right of this posting. You will never want for something to read but PLEASE, only go those sites AFTER you have finished all of mine!

After posting “The Sequel” I received various comments, mostly verbal and only one actually posted below the article. These were all positive with the exception of ONE who didn’t get it AT ALL on account of the claims about the Iraqi supergun and Saddam’s alleged WMD capability all took place while she was spending three years pissed out of her skull on Lambrusco at University!

I have also been asked various questions about it; the second most popular of which is “How did you think of it?”

Before I answer THAT however I should say that the MOST popular question was along the lines of “Do you want a smack in the mouth or something?!” I find the difference between the reactions to “a pun” and “a joke” to be quite fascinating! Has anyone any ideas as to why the latter provokes laughter and general cheeriness while the former attracts groans and threats of violence?

Whatever it is I won’t let it stop me – as I’ve said before I agree entirely with one of my Sci-fi heroes, the late Doctor Isaac Asimov, who once stated that he regarded the pun as the HIGHEST form of wit, so there! Besides that I’ve been perpetrating them since I was a teenager so I probably couldn’t stop now if I wanted to, which I don’t.

Anyway, back to the question. I do recall quite clearly how the piece came about.

I had been reading something (I don’t remember what or where) about the “causes” of the Iraq war and was pondering what I’d read while accompanying my wife in the shoe department of John Lewis in Peterborough.

There was a LONG delay while she waited her turn and I was mentally playing with variations on the words “weapons of mass destruction”. Once I slotted the word “Mars” into that expression I was off!

It was a little harder to come up with an alternative to the word “Iraqi” but once I had THAT it was just a case of contriving a back story to link them all together and the Mars theme provided that quite easily.

This is not one of those posts that I have written with a particular ending in mind – I just felt I needed to tell my readers how I came to drop such a pile of contrived awfulness on them.

And that last sentence is in no way to be construed as an apology! I NEVER apologise for a good pun!

I just hope that one day soon I’ll find a way to do an even BETTER one!


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One response to “A hard act to follow!

  1. Mike V.

    May 10, 2010 at 7:56 am

    Puns aside (IS your favourite standup Tim Vine?) the story worked great as FICTION. I speak as a writer who considers himself a fair writer of NON-fiction, but who has written LITTLE fiction – and finds it really HARD to do! Congrats!


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