Football shorts – 5

15 Jun

I thought that today I would sit down and watch Brazil vs North Korea in its entirety.

As the commentary team were in what I call “Manchester United mode”   – i.e. “Of COURSE they’ll win, they’re BRAZIL!” as if the name alone implied some god-given right to victory – I was anxious for North Korea to make them (Brazil AND the commentators) uncomfortable.

When, in the second half, Brazil started winning I began to get bored and when it got to 2 – 0 I lost interest completely and started to think of possible newspaper headlines about the match.

“North Korea torpedoed!” seemed suitably tasteless given recent events in that divided nation.

Then with 2 minutes left the Koreans got a goal back!  This made it seem much, much closer and I had my headline – which I wish to sell to the tackier tabloids (who are the only ones likely to use it).

And I wonder if any of them will go with:

“Brazillians shave it!”

You heard it here first!


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