Football shorts – 6

17 Jun

It’s a sad thing to have to say but I fear that South Africa (while they may be marvellous hosts for the World Cup) aren’t REALLY quite up to the mark on the footballing side. 

Mind you, I still VERY much hope that they can seriously stuff France in their final group match!

I missed most of the lengthy preview of the match last night which, presumably, included some sort of explanation of the South African team nickname. Thus when I started watching the match it sounded from the commentary as though “South Africa” had gone home and Uruguay were playing a country called “Bafana Bafana”!

As the match went on, and the home side seemed to get worse the further they fell behind, I believed I had the explanation. It must, I thought, be an old tribal word used in the context “It is safe to walk in the bush after the Elephants have passed but mind you don’t step in the Bafana”!

I apologise – to South Africa – that was unnecessarily cruel!

And I DO know what it really means – “The boys, the boys”.

Make up your own jokes about Catholic Priests please!


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