Football shorts – 7

18 Jun

Leaving aside the unseen match commentators (whose inane mumblings are, fortunately, being drowned out by the massed Vuvuzelas of the world this time around) the UK television companies have lined up large teams of “pundits” from around the world for their World Cup coverage.

Incidentally the word “pundit” apparently arises from a Sanskrit word meaning “learned scholar” and NOT, as you might think, from an Anglo Saxon word for “one who talks incessantly about kicking a little ball around”!

I have been studying these retired international footballers and these are the ones I’ve recognised so far:

Gary Lineker – England. Relevant as England have a team at this event.

Edgar Davids – Holland. Relevant as the Dutch have a team at this event.

Jurgen Klinsmann – Germany. Relevant as Germany have a team at this event.

Patrick Vieira – France. Relevant as France have a team at this event.

Alan Shearer – England. Relevant – see Gary Lineker above.

Gareth Southgate – England. Relevant – see Lineker and Shearer above.

Clarence Seedorf – Holland. Relevant – see Edgar Davids above.

Alan Hansen – Scotland……………………………………………………….!

Bearing in mind my stated bias (see posting “No more Mr Nice Guy!” on 11th June) I’m sure you see where I’m going with that  list!

I’m heading towards the question “WHY?” with regard to the last one.

Bearing in mind the “Anyone But England” concept prevalent up there at present that I mentioned in the earlier post I really don’t see why I should be expected to be interested in what Mr Hansen thinks about MY team!

Perhaps we could solve it by giving him his own separate show – to be heralded by one of those announcements that begins “Viewers in Scotland will have their own programme….”!


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One response to “Football shorts – 7

  1. Avril DeSade

    June 30, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    Hmmm! Now that we’re at the quarter-final stage I’m not sure of the relevance of Shearer, Lineker and Southgate or Vieira either!



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