Football shorts – 10

25 Jun

Apologies for the delay!

Two days in a darkened room to get over the stress of Wednesday afternoon and I’m back.

Of course I always said England would qualify for the last sixteen – never doubted it for a minute!

I heard an interesting theory about their progress in the World Cup on BBC Radio yesterday. Danny Baker maintains that England aren’t good enough to get knocked out yet!

Apparently, years of observations of their results and performances in World Cups and European Championships have shown him that we start poorly, get worse, and scrape through the group stages somehow. We then start to improve and when we reach the point where we’re REALLY playing well  – THEN we get knocked out (usually on penalties)!

The theory seems to be holding up at present and all Mr Capello needs to do is time his team to reach their peak sometime in the second half of July (i.e. AFTER the Final) and we’re guaranteed to win it!

And the great thing is that we’re still playing so much below par that the poor old Germans don’t stand a chance on Sunday!

Interesting idea isn’t it?

No, I didn’t think so!


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One response to “Football shorts – 10

  1. Mike V.

    June 25, 2010 at 1:20 pm

    I think Isner may have “peaked” a little early – running to 70-68 in the final set against Mahut, yesterday. As I type, he’s about to go down against De Bakker in straight sets!

    But then again, he’ll always have that record-SHATTERING match to tell his GRANDKIDS about!

    Oh, sorry – I’m talking about TENNIS. You know – that game where you get a SCORE at the end!!!


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