Devonian sojourn 1 – Intro.

07 Jul

Yes, I KNOW I had a holiday in March of this year (a lovely hot week in Tenerife if you recall the excellent series of articles about it that I posted on this site in early April)!

And after I got back from that holiday I ONLY had about one month to recover from it before I got my current temporary job which I’ve been doing for two months!

So now I need another one – OK?

The next holiday will begin shortly but there will be a number of significant differences.

For a start this one will be in the UK with all of the associated meteorological vagaries that any break here entails.  We are going to a converted farm building in the wilds of south-east Devon (that’s the Dorset side of Exeter not the Cornwall side). I don’t intend to take my wellies but WILL have waterproofs available.

Secondly the “We” referred to in the previous sentence will not just be Faith and me as it was in March. This time there will be six of us – Faith and I, both of our daughters and Faith’s Mum and Sister.  So I will be outnumbered by what John Knox referred to as “a lovely group of ladies”. Or maybe that wasn’t what he said – I (conveniently) forget! No doubt you’ll look it up!

Thirdly, the place we are going to does not have a gorgeous outdoor pool with a sufficiency of sun-beds and big straw umbrellas by, on, or under which I can lounge with my notebook and pencil scribbling witty articles for you. That is not to say that it is totally bereft of outdoor aquatic facilities – I’m just not sure how well or easily I will be able to write in a frothing hot tub!

Well, we’ll see won’t we?

Finally, nowhere in the brochure is broadband access mentioned. I will, therefore be relying on my Vodafone Pay-as-you-go GPRS dongle (which will still be much, MUCH cheaper than a hotel coin-op computer!) but if anywhere in this country is going to be out of range of mobile telephony of any sort then it will no doubt be the rolling hills beyond Colyton!

If that does turn out to be the case then I will simply do what I did last time – write up the stories and post ‘em when I get home. 

Think of me enjoying myself while you’re reading this at work – and I’ll do the same for you!


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