More Junk Mail!

11 Aug

I do apologise if many of my recent postings are sequels, follow-ups or just plain re-hashes of stuff I’ve already done to death!

The main reason for this is that most of my creativity is currently being directed at working around the restrictions being put on me by the paranoid, overseas-based, Information Technology bureaucracy of the company I am contracting for at the moment.

Basically anything I need to do to be able actually to help the local computer users (my “Customers”) is not permitted either because I haven’t done the requisite training module or it’s regarded as someone else’s job – possibly someone in another country!

Anyway this means that in order to give you something to read in your coffee breaks the easiest thing is to find something else to say about something I’ve already covered.

In March 2009, not long after I started this great archive of modern literature, I did a piece about Junk Mail – that scourge of the electronic communications networks!

You can find it at

This morning I took the advice that I gave you all in the last piece and did a routine check to make sure that nothing of any consequence had inadvertently found its way to the Junk Mail folder.

The trends seem to have changed!

While there were still plenty of messages trying to sell me “Designer Knock-offs” and “Replica Rolex” watches the invitations to purchase what I shall primly describe as “Man-bits Enhancements” or “Certain Men’s Medications” were absent.

“Oh good” I thought, “They’ve given up at last!”  – but they haven’t – they’ve just paused to regroup!

I imagine that in some vast Spam and Junk Mail factory somewhere in the world a meeting has taken place to move things along and questions have been asked to try to elicit WHY I haven’t responded in any way to their generous offers.

And I suspect that someone has noticed that the email account name in question actually gives no clue whatsoever as to my gender and that all of these male products MAY have been totally inappropriate all along!

Why do I suspect this?

Well, it seems that the “Viagra” and “enhancement” advertisements have been replaced by one entitled “Do you want bigger breasts!” – So they have definitely changed their angle of attack.

Not, of course, that it will do them any good – I still won’t be responding!

Particularly because, as a 57 year old man who doesn’t really exercise enough, the answer to their question is:

“No! They are too damn big already!”


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