Only 20,000 to go!

20 Dec

A few days ago I put up my last post (the one about T-shirts) and, as usual, put the details onto the spreadsheet which I use to record dates, wordage and links to the documents from whence they get pasted here.

When I entered the number of words in that last posting onto the sheet I noticed that the running grand total went into six figures! Yes, I have inflicted no fewer than 100,000 words on you since I began this site at the end of February 2009!

That’s a small NOVEL – shame my own novel hasn’t progressed at that rate! I’d be RICH by now if it had!

And, if you’ve been reading this from the beginning you may recall the following  items:


in which I not only informed you of the wordage in June 2009 and March 2010 respectively but also compared them to my late father’s memoirs which I have been editing slowly and carefully for about four years now.

His total output amounted to just over 119,000 words and while I have now exceeded the 94,000 of that which related solely to the story of his Army service 1945 to 1948, which was my initial target, the job of passing his magnificent grand total still remains.

And, if I’m spared, I reckon that my present rate of output will see me achieving the extra 20,000 words I need by May or June 2011.

My stuff will not enhance the record of my family’s history in anything like the the same way that HIS does but I still hope that his immaterial essence, out there in the cosmos somewhere, will still be proud of what I’ve tried to do.


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One response to “Only 20,000 to go!

  1. Cy Quick

    December 22, 2010 at 7:22 pm

    It is always lovely to hear a man who is able to say good things about the man he once called ‘Daddy’. Since I am certain that your editing must be as smoothly competent as your internet writing, sir, I look forward to discovering that your father’s book is available via my favourite independent book-store.

    What a challenge an ethereal existence would be if human speculations about abiding consciousness should prove to be justified. What a startling thing it would be for father and son to re-construct the old partnership with yet greater appreciation.


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