31 Jan

I often find myself coming on here to explain the absence of recent postings – and here I am again!

Regular readers will probably be aware that I use this site for the purposes of humorous snippets of autobiography and occasionally, when the mood takes me, REALLY awful puns. 

Articles of that sort often require me to start at the end of the story and work forwards and that style means they are usually quite long and take me a good while to write. That, in turn, means that I frequently get another idea before I’ve finished the last one and having two to finish is more than twice as hard to achieve!

Furthermore, this isn’t the only WordPress Blog I’m involved with!

For some months last year I was in the habit of posting cogent and witty comments on the postings at the site of “a friend of a friend”. He (his pen name is “Cy Quick”, I know not why!) used to single-handedly write the postings on the site that he named “Sumpnado”. It is, I understand a contraction of  “Something to do”, indicating that like this column it is, at base, a hobby.

As my comments got longer and were considered to have some literary worth of their own Cy began to snip them out of the comments area and turn them into posts of their own with a heading indicating the piece they were a response to. And then, back in November or thereabouts I was invited to become first an official contributor, then an Editor and, most recently, a full Administrator of the site. This, to me represented the “Big Time” as that site averages a daily readership more than double my own.

So over the last few months I have actually been writing stuff on THAT site instead. Sumpnado’s content is decidedly different to the light, fluffy stuff I do here with the result that the things I write there  tend to be somewhat harsher on Politicians, Professional Journalists, Policy-makers in the Civil Service, Religious Leaders and other such idiots!

There are, in fact three of us doing this work; Cy, based in the Bournemouth area; Vincent, my old schoolfriend, writing from the backwoods of Thailand and ME, slumming it in grotty Peterborough!

So if you want to read more of my stuff or just something a little different you can find a link to “Sumpnado” in my “blogroll” (as WordPress calls the “Favourites” folder). Once there you can scroll down and enjoy the lot or look down the sidebar for my name (Alfie) under “Contributors”. Clicking on that will bring up everything recorded there under that name.

Please don’t be afraid to comment on anything you find there (or, indeed, HERE – it lets us know there are other people reading it and we’re not just shouting in the dark.

More “proper” Little Alfie pieces will be along here in the very near future but while I work on those I may start copying relevant passages from articles on either blog onto the other.


Alfie (who must learn to use fewer commas and brackets!)


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6 responses to “Cross-fertilisation!

  1. Gary

    January 31, 2011 at 11:37 am

    I definitely think you should write more regular articles about why you haven’t written any regular articles !

  2. Alfie

    January 31, 2011 at 1:21 pm

    I’ll see what I can do, Gary!

    I was going to do one called “How I single-handedly won the Barclays Sea Fishing match in 2010” but yours sounds a MUCH better idea!


  3. Vincent

    February 2, 2011 at 4:17 pm

    The first piece wot I ever wrote bemoaned the “thief in our midst” who was “stealing our dots and commas” – you keep using them, Alfie.

    Oh and re puns – since additions to pieces do not flag, be advised I’m adding a new line to “Bits And Pieces” – it’ll go: “A rag doll saw a murder go down – it was a material witness.”

    I trust that meets with your approval, Alfie! (Or was it too corny even for YOU?!)

  4. Cy Quick

    February 13, 2011 at 3:21 am

    Life gets complicated, don’t it…?

    Good. I’m glad.

    And keep on with the commas (semi-points, and whatever our friends in USA say) and brackets. “They are the best part of it!” would be an untrue old joke.

    Won’t it be splendid if the web-logs of our era survive to be read by scholars of the days when humans live about 400 years and have a lot of free time on star arks, heading out to colonise new systems, or merely here at home, on Earth, Selene, Mars, or some local asteroid or moon?

    They will be able to draw diagrams linking who wrote what where, and if they sneer, all superiorly, we won’t care.

    But if they for are gentle with their crits, and take into account how boring life is, stuck on one planet, never seeing the star-scape in its full bright glory, we will make a note to thank them when they turn up on the dead-side…

    I think I’ll just quit now, and quietly wander off…

  5. Cy Quick

    February 13, 2011 at 3:31 am

    Just a Quick plus: I saw “Cy” (obviously short for “Cyrus”) rolling up on various movie credits, in the technical sections, and liked it. And the Persian Cy was a fairly good guy. “Quick” was the maiden name of my father’s mother’s mother. Why have a pen name at all? Why not come out with the real moniker” I will do. It is for the Last Post.

  6. Vincent

    February 13, 2011 at 4:35 am

    Let’s hope it doesn’t come for a LONG TIME, Cy.


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