When I do what I do!

06 Apr

Apologies for the odd title but just this once I had the idea for the article but no title – usually it’s the other way round!

Anyway, time for a little update on my work history which I haven’t mentioned since last October when I reported my success following an extremely pleasant (for a change) interview.

Actually I didn’t report success as such – I just put at the end of the post that you wouldn’t be reading it if I HADN’T succeeded.

And a very nice little job it was too! I got on really well with all of the people, they liked me and I was able to sort out 95% of their computer problems immediately (which is pretty good going) and without consulting my manager.

Unfortunately, as my 3 month probation period progressed it dawned on them that what they had failed to realise at the recruitment stage was that they really wanted someone who could do database programming AS WELL as what I was already doing – which was everything else of an electrical nature in the building.

That is to say, anything from managing all the expensive kit in the server room down to changing the light bulbs in the ladies loo! While they agreed that I had not made any claim to programming skills and accepted that they had not asked for any, they decided, reluctantly, not to keep me on.

 They did, however, pay me for one month more than they legally had to but it meant I had to spend February and March at home looking for something remunerative to supplement my wife’s salary and keep the bills paid.

And I have, just this week, started an eight week contract with an IT service company – in the course of which four other “IT Mercenaries” and I have to move all the documents, emails etc. from the old PCs of our client company onto new ones. Field Engineers un-box and set up the new PCs then phone us in Huntingdon to do the rest.

That, however, is NOT what this piece is about although it IS relevant because I’m writing it WHILE I HAVE A JOB!

Now, you might think that someone who is working a full day at a computer and travelling for at least 40 minutes at either end would not have the time or the inclination to fire up one of the home PCs after dinner and write stuff for a blog.

That’s what I thought too – but it isn’t the case!

Consider this ….

In the period from 18th January, when I stopped attending my previous place of work, until 25th March when I actually GOT this new job I managed a grand total of four postings. And one of those was largely written last summer.

From 25th March to date (just over a week) this is already my third effort and I’ve been pondering why that should be the case.

Statistically speaking, the WordPress Dashboard tells me that this is post number 161 since I started in February 2009 and I’ve mentioned elsewhere that I record the titles, wordage and date of publication of each one on a spreadsheet.

From these sources I can tell you that while I have been unemployed for a total of 12 months out of the 26 since Feb ’09 (approximately 46 % of the time) I actually only published 52 out of those 161 posts during that time (32% of my output) . So it would seem that while the time spent in/out of work is roughly one half, I write, on average, two posts while working for every one I write while unemployed.

Plainly then it isn’t a case of writing this stuff because I’ve got time on my hands – much the opposite in fact.

I think it must be down to my state of mind while in those two distinct “states of employment” – basically, I can’t write when I’m gloomy and irritable; I get gloomy and irritable MUCH more often when I’m unemployed. Q.E.D.

So while I’m working and my brain and general demeanour are functioning well and in an upbeat fashion I churn out twice as much written work than otherwise and I find the time from somewhere.

And just think what would happen were I to realise my dream of some day finding a way of writing for a living – there’d be absolutely no way of stopping me!

“Oh dear me NO” says the rest of the planet in horror. “Anything but that!”


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One response to “When I do what I do!

  1. Vincent

    April 7, 2011 at 4:49 am

    I can relate to this. Of late – sensing the finish line approaching – I have been putting UMPTEEN hours into The Project (uploading the gems from The Collection into the Public Domain) and yet, when I am REALLY busy, I tend to write MORE posts on WordPress than when I am less pressed – so to speak.



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