The CD of my life: “I can see for Miles” – “The Who”

19 May

In 1990 I was working for Barclays Bank Trust Company in Cambridge and living with my wife and 2 daughters in the village of Histon, just to the north of that city.

In many ways it was an idyllic time in my life and if I hadn’t been cursed by an absolute GIT of a manager (making going to work something I REALLY didn’t want to do each day) it could have been perfect.

Anyway, at some point during that year we signed my daughters, then aged 7 and 5, up for swimming lessons. These took place at a Junior School pool a couple of miles away in an area of Cambridge known as Kings Hedges and it fell to me to give my wife a little “child-free time” each Saturday morning by driving them there, waiting around while they had the lesson and then driving them home.

At that time I was cycling to and from work each day (one can’t NOT cycle in Cambridge!) so the Saturday morning trip to Kings Hedges represented one of my few opportunities to drive the family car and play some of my music cassettes. One of my particular favourites at that time was a “recorded from vinyl” tape comprising the greatest hits of 1960s Mod Masters, “The Who”. It wasn’t very long before my small charges were not only singing along with most of the songs but making requests for the ones that they had taken to the most.

So it transpired that our journeys either to or from the swimming pool took place to an accompaniment of one big and two small voices yelling “I can see for miles and miles, and miles….”

You can hear it here:

And while the whole point of this series of articles is that it lets ME record the things that trigger the catches on my memory boxes, the great thing about items like this particular one is that they perform the same function for the other people involved.

For example, I just played a bit of this track on my laptop and asked my elder daughter what she thought of when she heard it.

Her exact, if somewhat over-concise, reply was “Swimming Pool; Kings Hedges; buying Orange and Lime Tic-Tacs in the newsagents; going home the railway crossing way (the slower but more interesting route through Histon); getting achievement badges to sew on swimming costumes”.

Which just goes to show that this particular song isn’t just on MY Life CD it’s on the Life CD of at least one of the others involved which means that it goes on for at least one more generation.  

I’m fairly sure that when I ask her sister the same question this weekend I will get the same answer, probably with an additional comment to the effect that she really likes “Boris the Spider” too so I’ll pop a link in for that  ( meaning that this time you get two for the price of one!


……..and sure enough….! Apparently the green Tic-Tacs and “I can see…” were for GOING to the swimming and the Orange ones and “Boris” were for coming home! Or vice versa! Or something! Thanks Little One – your contribution is duly acknowledged!.

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One response to “The CD of my life: “I can see for Miles” – “The Who”

  1. Vincent

    May 20, 2011 at 10:37 am

    Even though my Project is now completed, I continue to “service” the 1,600 uploads and it is interesting – although, given the state of today’s Pop, not surprising – that a lot of my vintage material is hit by YOUNG people.


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