On the road again!

29 Jan

Once again my horizons are expanding!

Up until last October my work over the previous 12 months had involved me travelling from 15 to 20 miles each way from home by means of my lovely little 8 year old black Nissan Micra. My daily journey then lengthened further with my contract in beautiful downtown Bircham Newton in north-west Norfolk – a horrendous 55 mile journey sometimes taking an hour and a half to complete!

So horrible was that trip that I very soon abandoned it and instead sacrificed £120 of my meagre weekly earnings on four nights per week at a Bed & Breakfast establishment at Heacham on the only part of the East Anglian coast that faces west!

But if you’ve been reading these articles for the last four months you already knew all that!

You would also know that my contract with the National Construction Skills College ended on 23rd December and that in the month since then I have been hunting for further remunerative employment.

Let me get one thing straight – that 5 week hiatus does NOT count as a holiday! When you have to spend most of your time in Peterborough hunting through internet job sites for I.T. work of ANY sort and then chasing the inevitable “no replies” to your applications while worrying about how the bills are going to get paid, there is not a lot of the fun, relaxation and exotic locations that are normally associated with the word “holiday”.  Is that perfectly clear? Good.

And then last week I got a call on Tuesday morning from an agency asking if I was interested in a Windows 7 migration contract with a major UK food manufacture and supply organisation – naturally I was interested!  Within the following 4 hours I had been interviewed over the phone by the head of the project team, offered the job, accepted it and been booked onto a 3 day training course at a country house 5 miles south of Peterborough. At the course I discovered (amongst many other things) that while I have, initially, a 3 month contract, good work will result in this being renewed as necessary until March 2013 when the project is due to end.

That course has now been successfully concluded and next week I am off to spend 3 jolly weeks at a doughnut factory in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Unlike the previous contract this one does not seem likely to involve 14 hour working days and I am, therefore, not going to get quite as tired by the time I get back to my hotel each night. Consequently the supply of articles for this site should not dry up this time and what I actually wished to impart to you here is the news that I intend to write pieces about the places I am visiting around the country.

Fear not – my existing series of “CD of my life” articles is unlikely to run out and there are still new subjects I wish to tackle as well as a number of (still) unfinished items that I hope will entertain, amuse and inform.

So watch out for my observations on Wakefield and its people in the next couple of weeks. I hope to think of a snappy series title for them but at a pinch the title of this piece followed by the location will suffice. Unless you have any better ideas for me, that is. Suggestions will be welcome but please note that variations on the theme of “Where’s Wally” will NOT be considered!

My big worry though – is that bloody doughnut factory!

For THREE weeks!

I’m supposed to be on a DIET!!


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