The CD of my Life: “Poker Face” – “Lady Gaga”

24 Feb

Recurring message for this series: If I someone ever decides to run a “format c:” command on my brain these articles should enable me to get back at least SOME of the really good memories – I hope!

At least it should provide a list of songs and locations which MIGHT help restore me.

I don’t have to do too much preparatory work for this one because I did all that in my series of articles headed “Poolside Jottings” which I posted here in April 2010. I suggest that you go back (using the Archive facility down the righthand side of this page) and refresh your memory.

At the time of the visit that my wife and I made to Tenerife in March 2010 (which was my last overseas holiday and the next one is LONG overdue!) I had no idea that any particular song would become associated with the separate “memory box” relating to that trip.

Even when I was writing up the items concerning the live music at the bar just across the road from our hotel I had no idea that any one particular song would become the key that would trigger my recollections of that entire holiday.

It was only on returning home afterwards that I decided to get downloads of the originals of some of the favourites covered by Jill and Bob  (aka “Old Dogs New Tricks”) from Puerto Santiagos “Route 66” bar and this particular one set itself up in my head as the definitive track for that week of my life.

When I hear it (I’m playing it right now) I can visualise with perfect clarity the hotel, the bar in question, the band, the resort, the weather and even the trips to and from the airport! And if that bloody Icelandic volcano had managed to blow all that ash into the skies two weeks earlier it would have reminded me of TWO or even just possibly THREE weeks holiday!

Here’s the usual YouTube link:

The song has the interesting property of being one of the very few items in this series which belongs in the 21st Century! I mentioned some time ago that I do not have to LIKE a song to include it and it is therefore doubly interesting in being a 21st Century song that I DO like!

Actually O.D.N.T. did one or two other covers that almost pipped Pokerface. These were they:

Pink – “‘cuz I can” (

Pink – “U and UR hand” (

Pixie Lott – “Mama Do” (

And, Yes, I do like those too.


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One response to “The CD of my Life: “Poker Face” – “Lady Gaga”

  1. Lord Gaga

    February 25, 2012 at 2:08 pm

    Nice. Hadn’t heard that one. I’ve been following Gaga’s career with interest. Her music is good (if unoriginal – but then, original Pop died in 1990 and Dance a decade later) and she is cute.

    Did you see her interview on Leno? My estimation of her increased mightily after that. Unlike most A-list guests, she STAYED after her interview. You rarely see that.

    She has ENORMOUS dedication to her art and works very hard. It is easy to belittle today’s Pop stars – and justified in almost all cases – but Gaga is the exception that proves the rule.

    Madge survived the business – I hope little Lady Gaga does likewise…


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