The Italian Job! – Part 1 – Introduction

29 Jul

The last time I wrote here specifically about my job-related travels around the UK I mentioned leaving sleet-shrouded Gateshead in the North-East of England and looking forward to 2 weeks in Cardiff. Then, more recently, I alluded to spending some time working in the Head Office of British Sugar in Peterborough – an awful assignment for me as it yields the grand sum of two quid a day in expenses!

Since Gateshead there have been quite a number of weeks spent having fun in such diverse places as Cardiff, West Bromwich, Salford, Peterborough, Cantley (in Norfolk), Newark and Andover! There are various tales to be told of those visits but that will have to wait because my current assignment is MUCH more exciting – ITALY (as you probably guessed from the generic title of what I expect to be a short series of quite short articles).

One of the subsidiaries of Associated British Foods (the company I am working for under contract right now) is involved, world wide, in the production of yeast for bakeries. Back in March I was a member of the Migration Team that put Windows 7 on the PCs of that subsidiary’s Head Office and as we made such a good job of that it was decided to use us for the same task at a couple of their European branches. Whether the fact that I was on that original team had any bearing on my selection for the first overseas venture to Casteggio in North-East Italy I cannot tell but I do know that if we succeed there could be more of the same, possibly going world wide!

Casteggio, in case you wish to know, is a small town roughly halfway between Milan and Genoa (or Genova, as the local road signs would have us call it according to Google Maps) and does not seem to have much to it other than a railway line and the yeast factory I will be working in. Maybe there will be more to it behind the scenes – I am flying out on 15th July so I’ll let you know. Dependent, of course, on the state of the wireless internet service at my hotel.

NB. The above was written during a lull in my packing activities on the evening of Saturday 14th July but the nature of the hours worked and the out-of-office routine over the last 2 weeks have meant that this has had to wait for my return home to be posted and I still need to write the subsequent pieces (although I do have all the headings noted down). We won’t let a little thing like everything being one to two weeks in the past bother us though, will we?


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One response to “The Italian Job! – Part 1 – Introduction

  1. Vincent

    August 1, 2012 at 9:36 pm

    I once drove through Genoa – damn QUICKLY! Creepy place – with tarts on the street-corners, making me offers I could and DID refuse!


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