The Italian Job! – Part 2 – Introductions

30 Jul

Before I continue I should just point out that none of my colleagues on this venture have given me permission to use their real names (I haven’t actually asked them yet) so I will have to refer to them, somewhat oddly, by their job title with a distinguishing number where needed.

So let me introduce you to, firstly, the support team – that is to say those who aren’t normally present full-time at a UK Windows 7 Migration:

Project Manager.  This is the guy charged with ensuring that the Casteggio factory network is integrated with the UK one as well as ensuring that the Migration Team either puts Windows 7 on every PC or that a replacement is set up for those too old to run it.

Helpdesk. A member of the Associated British Foods computer helpdesk sent out to show the local IT person exactly what he has to gain by encouraging the computer users to call Peterborough instead of ringing his mobile and shouting at him! He also provided administrative assistance to the next one named.

Network Support. There for the “backroom” tasks not normally needed when we do a UK migration at a site that is already on our network. With the assistance of Helpdesk this gentleman (who I had already met before at the Gateshead site) moved all the user accounts and their associated documents to the new network as we updated their computers.

And then there were my colleagues on the actually migration team, doing what we’ve been doing since the project began back in February. With these I don’t need to give detailed descriptions of the jobs involved but will simply refer to them as:

Team Leader, Engineer 1, Engineer 2, Engineer 3, Engineer 4 and myself.

For my own purposes I have a list with real names against those titles so that I know which Engineer is which but you don’t need to know that – and, indeed, probably wouldn’t be interested anyway.

Additionally we did receive visits from various specialists from time to time but I will introduce those separately as and when necessary.

As this is supposed to be a series of SHORT articles I will now end this piece and will make my journey to Italy into Part 3 instead of just steaming ahead here as I originally intended.


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  1. Vincent

    August 1, 2012 at 9:34 pm

    …you were only supposed to blow the bloody DOORS off!


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