Two months off?

08 Feb

Can it really be that my last words of wisdom were posted here almost 2 months ago?

Yes it can – and I haven’t had a barren patch that long in the almost 4 years that this blog has been in existence!

That may be the problem . I haven’t run out of things to write about (far from it) but something odd happened to me in the late summer – I simply lost interest in writing. Possibly it has to do with the fact that I do this best when typing straight onto my laptop rather than drafting everything by hand and endlessly amending it before still having to type it out.

And why does that make a difference?

Well, as I think I have mentioned before, my current job involves spending quite long hours working on other people’s computers and ANOTHER screen and keyboard is usually the last thing I want to see when I get back to my Travelodge clone room.

Add to that the unfortunate ‘flu-like affliction that hit me for most of the month before Christmas leaving me needing every ounce of energy and brain power just to keep working (not working = no money!) and my absence may seem more understandable.

Still if it amuses some of my readership to think that two months equates with a three month prison sentence with time off for good behaviour, so be it. It was actually much worse than that – I was staying at at places called Deddington, Cullompton and Thirsk and they were as dreadful as they sound!

The good news (for me anyway, I’m not sure if you will feel the same) is that I now seem to be out of that particular dark tunnel and am starting to work on some of the many half-finished bits in my “work in progress” folder and my handwritten notebooks.

Meanwhile, a belated “Happy New Year” to all my readers and be of good cheer  – more Alfie posts ARE on the way!


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