The CD of My life – “Scooter” – “Jumping All Over the World”

27 Feb

As I have said before, I do not have to like a particular song or piece of music for it to open one of the “memory boxes” in my head containing full recollection of an event or situation in my life – and this started out as one of those that I really hated!

As readers of some of my other series of articles on this site will be all too aware I have, for the last fourteen months, been working on a contract converting Associated British Foods computers to the Windows 7 operating system – a job that has taken me all over the country and beyond. And until last week I can say that there was no particular piece of music that would have brought the whole experience back to me.

However, in the penultimate week of the contract, my colleagues and I were working away in our assigned meeting room at AB World Foods offices at West Malling in Kent when one of our number – thanks Eric! – for reasons unknown decided to play this 5 year old track over his mobile phone.

I immediately disliked it for the simple reason that it samples (with some alterations it is true) “Glass of Champagne” by “Sailor”, an old favourite of mine from the 1970s and I always hate it when musicians find it necessary to mess about with other peoples’ songs – especially when I like them.

Despite my inbuilt prejudices I watched the YouTube video that goes with it and it slowly started to grow on me. It might still have disappeared without trace but for my dear friends and colleagues on this team who, appreciating my expressions of dislike for it naturally played it over and over and over at higher and higher volumes!

Anyway the fact of the matter is that by the Thursday of last week it had become what is known as “an earworm” – that is to say I could not get the bloody song out of my head and was enjoying the daily playing of the video that you can find here:

It would rather help the continuation of this story if you would follow the link and watch it before you go any further.

Done that? Good!

And now let us pray that there were no CCTV cameras covering the car park of that office building because any such would have been treated to the ludicrous sight of two of my colleagues and myself (a man then one day past his sixtieth birthday) attempting the dance that the two characters in the video are doing “all over the world” while on our way to the local supermarket for sandwiches!

Is this “second childhood” beckoning? I do hope so!

It has, in fact, now become a daily ritual to play it in the workroom and don’t tell my colleagues but I have now included it on my personal mp3 player! Plus it has already become indelibly linked in my mind with this work contract.

Oh, and if any of you feel like doing the comparison here is the link to the “Sailor” original referred to above:


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One response to “The CD of My life – “Scooter” – “Jumping All Over the World”

  1. Gazza

    February 27, 2013 at 1:42 pm

    Good job you aren’t a Supertramp fan !


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