Lanzarote 2013 – 1 – A Flying Start!

12 Mar

The last time I had the pleasure of writing anything whilst simultaneously enjoying an overseas holiday was almost 3 years ago when my wife, Faith, and I went to Tenerife to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary. As with that trip I have not taken a computer with me so you will be reading this after we have returned home and I find time to type it up.

If you wish to read my scribblings from the Tenerife trip you can find them in the archive for April 2010 in a series entitled “Poolside Jottings”.  I do not yet know what heading these current items will have but I’m sure I’ll think of something. (And I did – as you see above I decided to keep it simple.)

Since the 2010 Tenerife trip my only other overseas venture was the Windows 7 migration in AB Foods’ yeast factory in Casteggio details of which can be found in the series written in July last year under the general heading of “The Italian Job”. I have to keep stressing that this particular trip was WORK! OK the temperature was in the high thirties, it was sunny and the hotel had a swimming pool BUT family and colleagues who weren’t there will keep overlooking that we had to do, on average, 10 hours work each day before we could enjoy those factors. So it was NOT a holiday, is everybody clear on that now?

Anyway, at the moment of writing this (longhand in my little notebook) I am flying in an Airbus A200 over the Brest peninsular in Northern France en-route from East Midlands airport to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.

As is usual for such flights the “package” airline has gone for the idea of “maximum bodies – minimum personal space”! And this time I have finally given up on my forlorn hope that they would adopt a Socialist “to each according to his needs” principle and allocate the seats with extra legroom to the tall people who actually need them! This time, through the wonders of on-line booking, I was able to choose seats next to the emergency exit with sufficient room to enable me to complete the 4 hour flight without having to have my knees up under my chin!

OK, I had to pay for the privilege but if anything bad happens Faith and I will be down the inflatable slide with our lifejackets on before the aeroplane sinks and that’s got to be worth twenty quid hasn’t it?

We did, however, arrive safely – let’s face it you wouldn’t be reading this if we hadn’t – only to find, as the transfer coach carried us to our hotel in Playa Blanca, that it was raining!

We have, in fact, arrived at the tail-end of some of the worst Canary Islands weather for some time and the local television is carrying reports of wind and rain devastation from all of the major islands. In one shot there was film of a massive storm drain (obviously dry most of the time) with a small trickle of water running down it!

“Bunch of drama queens!” I thought, “They’d soon get used to a little wind and rain if they had to live in soggy old England”!

Besides, why would they have built a storm drain if they didn’t expect to use it now and then?

Our first full day, Tuesday 5th March, has turned out much better and although it is still quite windy (making the pool a bit too chilly) the sun has started to burn through the clouds and things are getting back to the normal 20+ degrees Celsius.

Oh, as readers of the aforementioned “Italian Job” series will be pleased to know, the bar here serves Mojitos and it turns out that Faith likes them too!

It’s going to be a lovely break!


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One response to “Lanzarote 2013 – 1 – A Flying Start!

  1. Vincent

    March 15, 2013 at 3:34 am

    After my first few flights, I worked out a good wangle. Being tall, I told the check-in person I had long legs that got awful cramp unless I had one of the emergency exit seats. It worked ALMOST every time!

    Thing is, you cannot claim you have bad legs – ’cause they aren’t allowed to allocate them to disabled people – ’cause they’d get in the way, if an emergency occurred.

    But claiming you’ll GET bad legs in a regular seat…

    Also, if an emergency actually HAPPENS – as soon as the wreckage slithers to a halt, you can ignore the trolley-dollies and HAUL the door open and be first down the chute and AWAY!!!


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