12 Apr

Readers who have been with me since I started writing this stuff in February 2009 may recall that I reported in July of that year on a visit I made to my local Doctors’ Surgery and some of the strange things I saw while reading the subtitles on the silenced television in the waiting room.

For those of a forgetful disposition or who haven’t yet made it back that far through the archives, you can catch up here:

And, as you’ve probably guessed already, today I went back to the surgery again for the same reason (my annual Cholesterol test) and, yes, I did indeed have a few moments to wonder at the words being attributed to the silent figures on screen.

By the way I have been advised, following the last article, that there is no longer any human intervention in the production of these subtitles – it is all the fault of voice recognition software.

Anyway there was no sign of “Katie Pies” this time but on this occasion I looked at the screen part-way through the national weather forecast and the words that I saw minus the first part of the sentence which was on the previous “page” were these:

“….rain – that will turn more Sherry over the day”.

“Lovely”, I thought, repressing the urge to laugh out loud, “I’ll get some empty bottles with big funnels in them set up in the garden when I get home”!

I suppose it is an improvement on a similar one seen by a friend of mine:

“There will be Apache Rainfall throughout the day”

Better get the water wagons in a circle when THAT happens!


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