What a difference a Dave makes!

21 Jul

When I first began this blog in February 2009 I started, purely in the interests of protecting their identities when I became “famous”, a fiction that my wife and two daughters were called, respectively Faith, Hope and Charity. I let it be known that I chose those names because they actually matched the initial letters of their real names as well as being a popular biblical reference.

I have recently seen fit to review some of the old postings to be found here and have noticed that while I persisted in that fiction there were a couple of occasions when my girls logged comments that effectively identified themselves by name so that I really need not bother any more. Also, of course, this blog still has yet to make me famous and the readership stats suggest that there is unlikely to be any danger arising to my family from this source.

Unless, that is, I perpetrate any more really good pun-based stories – in which case anyone even remotely related to me will probably need to go into hiding! “Good” being a relative term and the one that I alone use about such stories – especially my own.

Anyway, having said all that, I’m going to take this opportunity deliberately to “out” them and introduce you to my dear wife – who really is called Faith – and my daughters Hannah and Carla. Say “Hello” to the nice readers, girls!

What with time spent in higher and “even higher” education both of my daughters have left settling down into steady relationships until their very late twenties but both of them are now firmly established with really nice blokes.

But as good children who never miss an opportunity to bring confusion to their dear old parents, my girls have both chosen consorts named……….Dave!

As if that wasn’t enough, Carla and her Dave have just got engaged and we quickly discovered that his Best Man at the wedding and several of his University friends who will be attending are also called …….Dave. Plus, Carla’s Dave’s step-father is also called…… Yes. You guessed it… Dave again!

I understand that it is intended for at least one of the wedding photographs to feature a collective “Dave” picture and I have been given Bridal approval to open my much anticipated “Father of the Bride” speech with “Ladies, Gentlemen and Daves”.

What, I keep asking myself, are the odds on that many people with the same first name coming together in such a way? Then I recall that there were, at one point, no less than seven boys called Dave in my class at school and that number dropped to five when we reduced from thirty down to twenty at the start of the GCE courses which began at the start of the 4th year (Year 10 in the current idiom). It would seem that the name did not lose its popularity in the following generation.

And finally, I do at last get to the bit of the story which the people who read this, and who do know me personally, have been anticipating all the way through.

And THAT is the revelation (which you could also have deduced for yourselves if you read the comments to some of the earlier 200-odd posts on this site) of my own real name which is………



Only kidding – there really wouldn’t have been much point in this whole article if that were true!

I am indeed also called….. DAVE.  Hello – pleased to meet you!

Yes, I was indeed one of the five in good old class 5A and will be taking part in that very special Wedding Photograph (which could, I am told, have as many as THIRTEEN of us in it)!

I am convinced that both of my daughters, having seen what an excellent choice their mother made, decided that they both wanted a Dave of their very own but I’m not sure that I want to see the comments that any or all of the three of them will make to that contention!

There are just a couple of other remarks that I wish to make on this topic of “Daves and the impending wedding”.

The first of those is to remind those very few who read this and who were actually there that when Faith and I got married in March 1980 that the name of MY Best Man was also Dave – not only that, his surname is “Davies” which almost makes it a  “double Dave”!

And the final piece of information that I have deliberately withheld from you about the forthcoming ceremony is this:

The date is set, the Church and Reception venue are booked and plans are, I‘m told, progressing satisfactorily.

So when is it?

Well, it’s 1st March next year – and if that doesn’t ring any bells for you it is, of course,………..


When else could it have been?!


PS. The title of this piece which, for obvious reasons, I could not explain earlier in the article comes from the slogan on a T-shirt that I bought a while ago and actually wore to work on “dress-down Friday” last week.


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2 responses to “What a difference a Dave makes!

  1. Cy

    August 20, 2013 at 10:36 pm

    My best friend aka ONLY friend at Knavesmire Primary School in York (1945-1950) was a David. A recently late brother-in-law was a David. Born in March in East Anglia, he and my sister #2 went to Scotland in 1958 to preach the bible. A Dave from the neighbouring flat found me sitting in the sunshine and thought I was joking when I answered “Oh really. There’s an Air Show is there?” when we had cycled to East Cliff to see the Red Arrows the day before (2008). When I could not recall the name of the street, he called an ambulance. He sat by my bed whilst I had a nice kip in hospital. I was just fine thanks to my thick skull. I had slipped in the bath. He could have saved my life if in slightly different circumstances. A fellow bus conductor Dave, having been spurned by his wife and her family a week after being wed, hiked along the Exeter road out of Plymouth (1966) and killed himself. This is an intrusive and gloomy Comment! Good idea to delete it! My middle name is David. I was told it means ‘beloved’.

  2. cyrusquick

    August 13, 2014 at 9:37 pm

    I am catching up with your blog. About time. Very interesting. I see that my new picture has automatically replaced my younger one. I am writing a movie, on and off. It is a Space story of course.

    I have not met any more Daves but I am sad to say I upset the Dave who had looked after me when I banged my head. We did Los Angeles in 2013, but he upset me so I came home. He was very nice about when we met in Springbourne later. But recently, I made a pro-war remark and it was best to walk away. I must phone him.

    I am glad that our friend in the land of smiles saved your work, and his, in Sumpnado Shadow. Mine got worse. I have quit blogging. About time. our stuff in your your blog here is splendid.



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