Pots and Kettles!

23 Oct

As I have remarked here before, I seldom delve into the murky world of politics – it makes me want to keep washing my hands to remove the slime!

Occasionally though, something happens that I cannot keep quiet about and I have to dash off a quick post such as this.

On the news today (Wednesday 23rd October 2013) there was a report that got me gasping at the sheer brazen gall of some people!

It appears that a small committee of UK Members of Parliament is to “grill” high-ranking Police Officers and representatives of the Police Federation over allegations of dishonesty  concerning  the dreadfully named (by the Press, naturally) “Pleb-gate” case.*

Can you believe that?!

A group of politicians calling the Police dishonest! Well, I suppose they are the experts when it comes to dishonesty so they should know it when they see it! It just seems so much more natural and part of the accepted order of things when it happens the other way round with the Police doing the interviewing.

The actual meeting was preceded by some published survey results suggesting that one in four people trusted the Police less as a result of this matter and am I the only cynic around to see THAT as a spot of pre-emptive Government propaganda? 

As usual with such surveys, no-one asked ME – had they done so I would have said that on the principle that “My Enemy’s enemy is my Friend”, I now trust the Police MORE! I would also have stated the level of trust that I have in politicians of any party as being “NONE AT ALL!”

I shall, however, watch the news tonight with some interest – watching the two-faced, mealy-mouthed Westminster hypocrites trying to be all self-righteous should be fun.  Hopefully it will be their turn again soon!

While I was writing this I had a strange thought.  Will there be two of our presumed lords and masters doing the interviewing? If so, will they be doing it in a “Good MP, Bad MP” style?


* NB.  See the comments to my previous post from which you will note that my esteemed friend in Thailand regards the addition of “-gate” to any scandal as yet another unacceptable piece of English – and I am fully in agreement with him!

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One response to “Pots and Kettles!

  1. Vincent

    October 24, 2013 at 10:15 pm

    Yeah, although I suppose “Pleb-gate” might be the exception – since it actually involves a REAL GATE!


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