Nature raw in tooth and claw!

06 Mar

Every now and then, when the inspiration strikes, I do small items like this straight into WordPress without the benefit of drafting every little thing I want to say first and then pasting it in. Such pieces usually occur when someone does something that discomforts our so called Lords and Masters and I simply have to gloat!

This time however I feel obliged to comment on the current Big Internet News Story concerning the 4 hour battle in Australia between the Crocodile and the Python, eventually won by the latter which promptly unhinged its jaws and swallowed its opponent!

The story led me down two distinct thought paths.

The first of these expressed my surprise upon learning that the location “Down Under” where this encounter took place was Lake Moondarra!

Well it may not mean much to you but to any readers who took part in the pub quizzes at the Windmill Tavern, Orton Longueville until a few years ago, Moondarra was the brand name of the bottle of wine handed out to each of the first three teams each week. Which meant that until I started giving it away at parties or other gatherings, I had quite a supply of it!  And now, knowing something of the wildlife of its place of origin, I can understand exactly why it tasted like Crocodile pee strained through a Python!

The second thought that occurred is one of those that will, I am proud to say, get groans from the readership.

My thought turned to the fact that killing and swallowing the large Amphibian was not the Python’s biggest problem! It has, at some time in the near future, to PASS the bones, massive teeth and armour-plated skin of its victim through an orifice that, unlike it’s jaw, cannot be massively extended.

Think of the pain!

Life for that Python, it could be said, is about to become a Sh*t of Croc!


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Posted by on March 6, 2014 in Brilliant Puns!


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One response to “Nature raw in tooth and claw!

  1. Vincent

    March 6, 2014 at 1:32 pm

    Ooooh! That’s the one…


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