Is it me….?

19 Apr

My particular sense of humour, which prompts groans or confusion amongst many and genuine appreciation from a select few, seems to stem from my looking at mundane things and very quickly latching onto an alternative way of looking at them. Thus, when I unhesitatingly throw the alternative interpretation into conversation the receiver needs to be similarly attuned to my world view in order to “get it”!

This speed of thought accounts for the frequent and extremely frustrating situation I all too often find myself in whereby I have to go back and EXPLAIN my joke. And nothing kills a really witty remark quicker than having to do that!

My instinct for seeing alternative meanings probably also accounts for my well documented love of the pun, some examples of which you can find on this site. Modesty prevents me from sending you to them directly but if you have a few minutes a quick trawl through the Archive pages for May and June 2010 may just give you a couple of insights into what I’m talking about.

Sometimes I do feel that people do things that invite me to pass comment – either by unfortunate or poor wording – and some examples of these have just come to my attention and were the reason for me sitting straight down to write this.

The Saturday edition of “The Daily Mail” is the only one that my wife and I ever purchase. It is a truly awful paper, appearing either to consider all news events in terms of their effect upon house prices in the South-East of England or to play upon the fears and prejudices of the owners of those houses!

It does, however, have a truly useful and informative weekly TV listings supplement which is worth the 90p price on its own! So, we throw the rest of the paper away immediately and just keep the TV bit. And in case any rival journalists read this and want to use it to berate Daily Mail hacks, may I just say that we don’t buy ANY other papers – they don’t even have the Mail’s one redeeming feature!

The other thing that comes with the TV pages is a mass of advertising, most of which goes the same way as the “news” part of the paper. Unless, that is, it is one of those intriguing little brochures listing “techie” gadgets or things that you wouldn’t know were even made, let alone that you wanted them!

One such is the catalogue from a company called “Coopers of Stortford” which appears at regular intervals and tries to persuade me to purchase such diverse products as “Mrs Cooper’s Stone Cleaner Concentrate”, “Die-cast Solar-powered Lamp Posts” and “Non-slip, mould resistant Loofah Mat”! I kid you not; those items are all in there!

My attention was, however, caught by some items the titles of which put my alternative viewpoint skills into overdrive. The following is a list that I could not resist reading aloud to my long-suffering wife with my own description as stated in bold type:

“Butcher’s shop mincer”. There will not be many occasions when you will need to reduce a Butcher’s shop down to its component parts but when that day comes you WILL need one of these!

“Rotating Bathroom Seat”. For when the “G” forces arising from your rotating bathroom make standing difficult!

And my personal favourite:

“Folding wooden dog ramp” We all know how hard it can sometimes be to get your folding wooden dog into the boot of the car, don’t we?

I would appreciate your input – IS it just me, or are they asking for that kind of comment?


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One response to “Is it me….?

  1. Vincent

    April 21, 2014 at 1:36 pm

    No, it’s NOT just you. I do this thing that’s NEVER gotten a laugh, where I describe how I did (something or other) and finish with… “FOR NO PARTICULAR REASON.” The thing is, I boldly ACCENTUATE those last four words – thus making it an OXYMORON.

    I think it’s hilarious – but so far, no-one has EVER GOT that! And as you say – EXPLAINING it…

    Try it yourself – even with a great delivery, I guarantee you it’ll DIE ON ITS ARSE.


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