Mayday again!

01 May

Five years ago (how can it be so long?) I posted a short piece with almost the same title as this and quoting the same little rhyme on the same date.

I first heard it 26 years ago when Chris Tarrant quoted it on his Capital Radio Breakfast show that I was listening to while commuting daily by car from Chelmsford to Cambridge prior to moving house.

Capital Radio was only in range along the A120 from about Great Dunmow to Stansted Airport and then gradually faded out as I moved north on the newly completed and hardly used M11 so I was probably lucky to catch it.

I now understand that it is a variation to an ancient piece of folklore and the wording has been considerably cleaned up from the much earthier original. Regular readers will know, however, that I am not comfortable with using some terms in these articles  – which I hope will be read by my descendants one day – so here is the cleaned-up version.

Please enjoy it in whatever way you want or can!

“Hurray! Hurray! The first of May.  Outdoor sex begins today!”


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