Copa do Mundo 2014! – Introduction.

12 Jun

FOUR YEARS? Surely not!

Oh yes – even-numbered year not divisible by 4 equals Football World Cup time again!

Those of my still limited readership who have been with me since the beginning will no doubt recall my quirky little series of “Football Shorts” starting on 11th June 2010.

What’s that? You want to read them now? OK, I’ll wait while you go through the Archive section to the right of this article and do just that.  Good, weren’t they?

And if you read the article that immediately preceded those light-hearted pieces you will not be surprised to know that our “friends” up in Scotland have once again kicked off their venomous “Anyone but England” campaign.  I could at this point go political and point out that the Scottish First Minister really missed a trick for the forthcoming “Independence” referendum by extending the franchise to 16 year old Scots but not to English Taxpayers or football supporters!

But that would be churlish so I’ll just say “Oh dear! Did you fail to qualify AGAIN?”

So I will, once again, be listening out for inane and downright stupid remarks from pundits, commentators and players to turn into humorous articles. If you happen to hear any that you think I might enjoy please email them to me at  and I’ll try to use them – better include any pseudonyms you want me to credit you under as well.

I was going to put some further comments here but these pieces are supposed to be short so I’ll use them elsewhere instead.


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