Copa do Mundo 2014 – Sing when you’re winning!

14 Jun

I have a feeling that there are, as last time, going to be certain sounds from the Football World Cup that are going to get on my tits for the next 4 weeks!

In 2010 in South Africa it was those bloody awful Vuvuzela trumpet things (more like giant kazoos) – this time the opening ceremony hadn’t finished before I was already heartily sick of Samba music!

That wasn’t the worst of it though!

Between the opening ceremony and the start of the first match we had over an hour of……

Adrian Chiles!

For those who haven’t previously had the pleasure, Mr Chiles is the principle presenter of ITV’s Football programmes. He has a dry sense of humour which I might enjoy were it not rendered almost incomprehensible by the thickest imaginable West Midlands, flat, toneless “Brummie” accent! Also, He looks far too much like Benny Hill to be taken seriously!

Every time I hear him I am reminded of the lady behind the counter of the Canteen at Allied Bakeries in West Bromwich where I spent 3 jolly weeks a couple of years ago. I really did think that she was asking me if I wanted a “Kipper Tie” until she added “or would you prefer coffay?”

I’m going to be fed up with THAT memory before we get past the first round!

And then there’s the singing! Fortunately a multitude of foreign tongues and the absence of whole stadia full of England fans means that you are only really going to hear anything you sing for yourself at home.  Current superstition in England insists that one does not sing “3 Lions” probably because we haven’t won anything in the 18 years that we’ve been singing it!  And that’s despite it being the most fun and enjoyable football song ever written!

I will not, however, be a slave to such superstitions and can assure you that if in 4 weeks time England are in the final, 7 – 0 up against Argentina with 30 seconds to go and Diego Maradona has just spontaneously combusted  in front of the England fans , I MAY just risk a quick burst of “It’s coming home!”


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