It’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it!

05 Dec

There have been a number of disturbing news reports recently concerning the actions of Police Officers in the USA and the manner in which they arrest suspects.

The two most high profile of these to reach the UK News concern the death of the New Yorker with breathing difficulties after a cop put a “chokehold” on him and the alleged store robber in Ferguson, Missouri who died of what I call “HILP” or “High Impact Lead Poisoning” – i.e. they shot him!

I am not a US resident, have no knowledge of the Sociological and Historical issues behind these stories and it is not my place to pass comment.

What DOES concern me, however, is the even more disturbing story that officially sanctioned executions are taking place here in the UK, particularly in Scotland!

“What nonsense are you talking now, Alfie?” I hear you ask!

Well, I have the truth of it from the mouth of no less a personage than the Deputy Chief Constable of Scotland.

He was speaking on the BBC Radio 2 News at 7a.m. today as I woke up and I later heard him repeat his remark on BBC Television News.

So what did he say?

It was, quite literally, this:

“We’ve had ten people killed in Scotland in the last year because of Drink Driving!”

Now, I don’t know about you but that seems to me to be a bit harsh as punishments go!

Here in England we fine Drunk Drivers, sometimes send them to prison and usually ban them from driving for some fixed period. We DO NOT find it necessary to go so far as employing Hit Men, giving out lethal injections of deep-fried Cholesterol or whatever method the Scots are employing!

Of course he MAY have meant to say that “Ten people died as a result of Drink Driving” but if he didn’t mean that we have to hope that US Police Departments don’t cotton on to his words as a valid Law Enforcement method!

I think I’ll stay in England just to be on the safe side.



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