Things that get right up my Nose! – Introduction

05 Apr

It is time, I think, for a new series following the demise in the last posting published of the “Treasure” series.

I have for some time now been compiling a list of those things that, once upon a time, I would have ignored or shrugged my shoulders at and moved on but which now cause me to react in an altogether angrier and more intolerant fashion.

Anyone who knows me well will probably be able to guess accurately at some of the topics that are currently infuriating me but I am not going to indulge you by listing them. I did toy with the idea of doing a “Top Ten” but dismissed this for three reasons.

Firstly, I cannot always guarantee that there are always 10 things on the list – sometimes there are more and sometimes things “drop off”.

Secondly, a Top Ten would imply that some things ALWAYS annoy me more than others and that is not true – it varies according to my mood or things like TV scheduling.

Finally, one of the things that occasionally pops onto the list is “TV Shows of the ‘Your Top 75 Matt Monro Hits’ variety” and doing a fixed list with THAT subject on it would be hypocritical in the extreme!

So these won’t be done in any particular order, meaning that I can write and publish the old favourites and any new ones that occur without having to revise the “chart”. I may also be able to build up a stock of articles that I can use to fill those occasional embarrassing gaps in my output.

I hope that you will find my outpourings of bile, venom and indignation entertaining and also that writing it all down will stop me from “going on” and give my poor family some relief too!



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One response to “Things that get right up my Nose! – Introduction

  1. Vincent

    April 6, 2015 at 2:02 am

    I find Top Tens to be a PAIN. Far better to go with Top – however many that are worth noting. Thus if you go with say, Top Eleven Things You Didn’t Know About (who/whatever) then people are likely to realise you just included the GOOD stuff – rather than having had to cut some – or pad the piece out!!

    Sadly, it’s thirty-odd years too late for Dave Letterman’s writers to assimilate that fact…


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