Happy August Bank Holiday everyone!

28 Aug

On Tuesday 26th May 2009, as regular readers will well recall, I published a piece detailing the history and origins of the British Bank Holiday system. These are days, possibly called Public Holidays in other countries, which are tagged on to the end of certain weekends and for which those persons fortunate enough to be in full-time employment actually get paid.

You may wish to go back and read the earlier post – it’s very informative – and you can find it here:

At the time I wrote it I had no idea of the significance of that particular May Bank Holiday or indeed that by the time the next one arrived at the end of August the company I was working for would, by a combination of Tesco’s despicable business practices and the Banking crisis, have gone to the wall.

It was to be late May holiday the following year before one came by to find me working again but by then I was working on a “paid by the day” contract and while I did get the time off I DIDN’T GET PAID FOR IT!

Likewise for the rest of 2010 – the following year was slightly different in that an extra day off was “given” to us to celebrate young Master Wales’ wedding – so I got nine unpaid days instead of only eight!

And so it has gone on ever since, including yet another extra day for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012. The bloody Royal Family owes me a couple of hundred quid in lost earnings!

And the reason for me mentioning this is that I have been either unemployed or working but unpaid for every single Bank Holiday since that one in May 2009………until now!

Yes! For the first time since MBM Produce went “potatoes up” in 2009 I have a job that is “full-time” in the old-fashioned sense – I am not paid by the day via an agency and will be able to enjoy this long weekend without moaning about “lost money” to the great relief of my long-suffering family.

Furthermore, I am getting paid more than my last crappy contract without the pleasure of having to work shifts that either started at 7 a.m. or finished at 8.30p.m. AND involved going in on Saturday and Sunday for four weeks out of eight!

Of course, I do have to complete the 3 month probation period satisfactorily but I’m feeling good about that and they seem to think I’m doing the job and coping with all the new knowledge required pretty well after only a few weeks.

So, have a great long weekend, I fully intend to – and (in a manner of speaking, anyway) at the company’s expense too!



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