Silence will fall……….!

30 Sep

Hello Reader

I am adding this post, not just to ensure that SOMETHING goes on this site in September but also to advise you that despite your entertainment expectations there will possibly be little new stuff for you to feast upon until later in October.

Why so?

Well, it isn’t because I haven’t got anything more to say here – far from it! I have many items that just need only a tiny little bit of finishing off before publishing them here.

No. The problem is much more serious than that!

Just over 18 months ago my younger daughter Carla got married and I had to do a “Father of the Bride” speech – which, to a very great extent, wrote itself and was finished a good 2 months before the actual event. It was, of course, utterly brilliant!

But now, my elder daughter Hannah is getting married in three and a half weeks time and I haven’t yet finished HER FotB speech! Indeed I only started writing down my ideas last weekend!

The great big thing that bothers me is the need to be ORIGINAL and that means that I feel that I cannot “borrow” any bits from the speech I did for Carla. And that’s despite the fact that, like her sister, Hannah is also marrying a Dave – so a lot of the old speech would still apply!

So, this is to announce that I am going “off line” from today so as not to distract myself with anything other than wedding speeches.

Before I go, however, I feel you have earned a nice, contrived pun from me. This occurred to me a couple of days ago, is unconnected with weddings and is bilingual (thus deserving extra praise):

“I have been searching very hard for a computer program that will enable me to investigate whether I have any Welsh ancestry in my Family Tree.

No luck!

Not an “Ap” to be found!”

Back in three weeks.


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Posted by on September 30, 2015 in Brilliant Puns!


One response to “Silence will fall……….!

  1. Alfie

    October 8, 2015 at 1:39 pm

    It is bad form, I know, to comment first on your own post but so far 3 people have asked me to explain the joke (thus killing it stone dead) while another told me he only got it after googling the term “Ap”. Those who did get it first time have so far remained silent.

    Why is it no-one but me seems to have any General Knowledge these days?

    If you still need a clue , I could have said “I’m looking for a computer on which to investigate my Scottish ancestry – naturally it has to be a Mac”!

    Not that I’m likely to say that – the possibility that I might have a Scottish connection is too horrible to contemplate!

    It’s bad enough that one of my lines has been traced back to Norfolk in the 1300’s – OK so he was a Lord of the Manor – but in NORFOLK!! Oh the shame!


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