You can take your job and shove it!

31 May

………..or, indeed, any job!

Last weeks’ automated job searches in the I.T. Sector for Peterborough and the surrounding 25 mile radius having brought forth suitable vacancies in Mansfield (60+ miles away), Nottingham (60+miles away), Luton (60+ miles away) and “Derbyshire” (Mind-of-the-Cosmos knows how many miles away but probably about 100)!

Oh, and one in Cambridge which is only 30 miles away but might as well be 60 because the chronic congestion on the A14 means I would have to figure in 2 hours travelling time each way!

So I have decided to stop looking with immediate effect and start drawing an appropriate annual sum from my Pension fund.

Because I am essentially honest and won’t even lie to a Government official (unless I REALLY want or have to!) I have used my weekly trip to the Job Centre to tell them that I will not be enjoying their sparkling company any more.

My usual lady adviser was on holiday and I managed to see the one person in the building who didn’t actually know how to go about STOPPING a Benefit claim – I think the idea was actually alien to her! She had to call in a colleague for advice and I was then, as I half expected, told that it would still be necessary for me to continue to visit the Job Centre every week “to protect my National Insurance Contributions”!

Regular readers may recall that this exact statement was one of two that were previously used by a Department of Work & Pensions drone to try to beat me into jumping through some rather pointless hoops six years ago and which I told you about here:

Fortunately, this time, I had no difficulty in pointing out that further NICs would not improve the rate of my eventual State Pension in any way and I no longer have to waste several hours every Friday for a pitiful £10 per day or so.

So, after almost 47 years of employment (somewhat haphazard in the last few years it must be said) I can now truly say……….

“I’M FREE!!!”

It seems so long ago now that I started my first job in the office of Her Majesty’s Inspector of Taxes Ipswich 3rd District – it was two months after men first landed on the Moon and “Sugar Sugar” by “The Archies” was Number 1 in the charts.

I spent just over 4 years with the Inland Revenue and then almost 25 years with Barclays Bank Trust Company and its dreadful, mismanaged successor “ieTaxguard” before shifting tracks completely and moving into I.T.

Since then I have had two lengthy (4 years or so) employments and numerous contract jobs of anything from 1 to 18 months.

Through those employments I have, not too surprisingly, come across Managers of all sorts and have these categorised in my head according to a scale which I can reveal as follows:

  1. Absolutely brilliant.
  2. Great to work with (and for).
  3. Tolerably OK.
  4. Bloody diabolical!
  5. Barclays Bank Trust Co. Tax Centre/ ieTaxguard

Category number 3 is, as is generally the case with scales of this sort, absolutely average which probably explains why I can’t easily recall any of them. They probably let me get on with things without too much interference and this is probably the largest category (especially in the last 7 years or so).

Categories 1 and 2 are hard to separate and include my most recent Manager/Team Leader as well Mike H from my MBM Produce job which ended through no fault of ours in July 2009.

I won’t embarrass the people covered by Category 4 by actually identifying them.

I’ll just say “How you got to be in a position of authority with people’s careers in your hands I’ll never know! I wouldn’t have trusted you with making the tea!”

Category 5 is fairly specific and does exclude a couple of the Tax Managers at offices I worked at prior to centralisation here in Peterborough. It also only applies to the Senior Management at Peterborough and the two Group Managers it was my misfortune to have to work under during that time. Some of the other Group Managers were quite friendly. It does represent the worst and most hateful regime I have ever come across.

If you go through the archives for this site, especially around May 2009 to mid-2010 you will find several pieces detailing the misery of those days from 1993 to 1996.

Quite why or how those of us driven almost to nervous breakdowns by these self-serving boot-lickers never managed to get together and either kill them or at least give them a damn good kicking after work, still eludes me!

On reflection, I probably should have used the words from the Country & Western song that I put in as the title of this piece at around that time.

Still, I can forget all that now and concentrate on getting my revenge by outliving the bastards!


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One response to “You can take your job and shove it!

  1. Vincent

    June 2, 2016 at 6:09 pm

    I JUST managed to avoid becoming a Barclays computer engineer, straight out of Copleston High. At the time, I was DISAPPOINTED!


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