You’re more than a number…..

30 Jun

Given the comment that I made about my writing targets in the post before last I thought that after the excitement of getting no less than 6 items in one month I would calm you all down with a seventh giving you some statistics.

These have been gleaned from the WordPress Admin page for this site and the spreadsheet on which I record details of each post as well as monthly, yearly and total word counts.

The WordPress figures tell me that, since I started this project in February 2009, just over 204,000 words have been published here in a total of 276 (including this one) posts – of these 104,000 words and 149 posts happened in 2009 and 2010 alone but in my defence I have to say that a large part of the articles occuring in that time period already existed in some form or other before this blog started. Still, production has dropped off lately and I hope to pick it up again now that I have permanently (I hope) dropped off the employment treadmill.

In terms of posts per month the last time you were honoured with six  was August 2012 when most of my seemingly interminable “Italian Job” series hit the screen. That though is nowhere near the figure of 16 in June 2010 – which included 11 “short shorts” about the inane commentators at the World Cup football competition in South Africa.

While I could undoubtedly could do better in the production of more quality articles, I feel that you, the reader, could do more to increase my viewing figures. To this end I would just like to point out that if you open this site and then scroll down, that counts as ONE view regardless of how many items you read. What I’d really like you to do is to open one item from the main page then use the next/previous (indicated by <- or -> followed by the name of a post) this then counts as one hit for each article you read.  Would you mind doing that for me please?

Before we move on to July can I just say that with this article I have managed easily to exceed my entire wordage for 2015 by the half way mark in 2016.

Many thanks for your support,


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